jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

#Yauar Magazine.

One more time I had the pleasure to collaborate with YAUAR magazine vol.2
A small report talking about this different outfits:

1-This look is used as a day outfit complemented with a pair of RayBan 
aviated sunglasses , In addition it can also be used at night with a red lipstick. Vintage high waisted jeans with silver  skewers on one side, a Rolling Stones T-shirt, dramatically high boots and ready to conquer the streets of London.
2-"Camden Town"
This is my favorite outfit. The spike bra is spectacular. If you are bold as I am , you can wear it like this, but if you don’t you  can also add a transparent black T-shirt and personally customize it. The  leather high wasted shorts are from River Island and to Rock it out a leather jacket with studs on the shoulders.

3-This is a daytime outfit, very comfortable and insinuating. Caramel colored trousers combined with a black colored body that exposes the sides and back. To complement a leopard print bag, which can also be used as a clutch. A set of gold and black bracelets, something simple not to overload, with a pair of Marc Jacob Sunglasses. And to top Italian wedges with black stripes.

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

#Let is snow with SuperDryJapan

I am so happy.The last days it has been snowing and everything is cover in white!
Is the first time I saw snow in my life, so you can imagine how excited I am haha...
It's very cold so I bought this new Jacket at Superdry Japan, which I love for winter outfits. It's very warm and I love the colors. 
Have a nice week.
Estoy super contenta, estos últimos días no ha parado de nevar y todo está cubierto de blanco.
Es la primera vez en mi vida que veo la nieve, así que imaginen como estoy jaja...
Hace mucho frío por ello me compre esta chaqueta nueva de Superdra Japan, que es una marca que me encanta para vestir en invierno porque abriga muchísimo y me encantan los colores.
Que tengan buenas semana.