jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

#Yauar Magazine.

One more time I had the pleasure to collaborate with YAUAR magazine vol.2
A small report talking about this different outfits:

1-This look is used as a day outfit complemented with a pair of RayBan 
aviated sunglasses , In addition it can also be used at night with a red lipstick. Vintage high waisted jeans with silver  skewers on one side, a Rolling Stones T-shirt, dramatically high boots and ready to conquer the streets of London.
2-"Camden Town"
This is my favorite outfit. The spike bra is spectacular. If you are bold as I am , you can wear it like this, but if you don’t you  can also add a transparent black T-shirt and personally customize it. The  leather high wasted shorts are from River Island and to Rock it out a leather jacket with studs on the shoulders.

3-This is a daytime outfit, very comfortable and insinuating. Caramel colored trousers combined with a black colored body that exposes the sides and back. To complement a leopard print bag, which can also be used as a clutch. A set of gold and black bracelets, something simple not to overload, with a pair of Marc Jacob Sunglasses. And to top Italian wedges with black stripes.